{Week off}

I don't know why I felt the need to update this page. Everything's great here in Montreal. A lot of snow. I can't wait to go on a plane again, I love it so much. I'm also excited about coming back to Europe soon. (well, in 3 months, but time flies!) I want to travel, visit Paris, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, ... I probably won't but nonetheless I'd love to.

Architecture is the best possible subject to study and practice. I'm so delighted to spend most of the time at the "atelier" and not stuck in a classroom. As you see, life couldn't be better. Everything is more satisfaying than I could imagine. I met tons of great, interesting people. I don't feel like writing more right now, but possibly maybe (! listening to Bjork, I'll admit) later. Tantôt !

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{Ready ? !}


Yuck [again]

Finally !

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{Found it !}

No, actually. I'll keep looking tomorrow. It's really weird, because I can clearly remember myself having slided it on some shelf ... but where ?

I was craving for water! I drank 1,5 liter in less than 3 hours. And i'm still thirsty!

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Hé! i've got the whole house for myself! And I spent the evening talking on skype/MSN messenger! I really feel I took advantage of the situation !

Just wanted to to say that i was proud of my brother and myself because we cleaned the fridge entirely, and it really needed it ! And now it's all beautiful! Really, I feel like using the picture of new fridge as my wallpaper ! I'd love to share the pictures, I just need to find the damn wire that connects the camera to the computer ! I swear I saw it somewhere like two days ago ... gonna look for it!

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{I can't help it}


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{I wouldn't have thought}

Sheer Beauty

I'm pretty sure I will order this calendar for next year ... simply sublime.

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{FRIDAY MAY 26TH 2006}
{when you least expect it}

Hey ! What to do when you should be working ? Update your unread blog of course! Well, update is a huge word for the small message i intend to post...My latest obsession :

Pierre Hardy -- A work of art !

That's about it !

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{teasing Sonia}

Just a few picsof my new 'creation' to make you drool a little! Merry Christmas!

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{TUESDAY OCT. 25TH 2005}
{it flies}

Hey ! I'm still here! On holidays! And no, not the same ones that I talked about in the previous post! That's gonna be a boring post for most of you, but I don't care because no one reads my blog!

Marine and Momo are probably coming over for Halloween. We'll watch movies, ER and maybe Scrubs, and just talk. Like we did last year. It was fun. Maybe I'll post photos. That reminds me that I should tell them that they're supposed to come on Oct 31st!

I need to buy myself nicely-shaped sweaters and pants.

i've been listening to France Inter (a radio station) since the beginning of the year, and it's downright great! I've discovered mainly Martha Wainwright and i'm crazy about her music! ...You Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole, oh You bloody mother fucking asshole, I will not pretend, I will not put on a smile, I will not say... Anyway! I was already a fan of theirs because of that, but now I can say that I LOVE FRANCE INTER! Let me tell you the long story that's not worth it :

Kate Bush released her new hit yesterday, the first in 12 years (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and well, I had told myself that I should listen to France Inter all day, and especially around 11PM, when it's "ONDES DE CHOCS" (a musical program) to try to catch it! Unfortunately I couldn't, and when I was eventually able to put the radio on, it was towards the end of the program, at about 11:45 PM. But I kept on hoping they would play it at the end. Instead it was Eric Clapton, which isn't a bad thing at all ! But anyway, I kept on listening and guess what happened!! No, they didn't play the song, but it's even better ... the guy said (I couldn't believe my ear) : "talking about women, on the 14th, 15th & 16th November I'll have the honor to offer you a Kate Bush week (AH!!!!!) that I interviewed last Friday (lucky guy!) at Abbey Road, after the listening of her new double(i had forgotten that detail, gosh) album Aerial"
I almost cried! For once, things are well proportioned compared to this HUGE event! You cannot imagine how nice it is to feel satifised by something! I mean, that's exactly what I was looking for when I tuned in and i can't believe that they've actually done their job and fulfilled my wishes ! this radio really kicks ass! But not more than


I want the 7th of Nov. to come quickly! I can totally see myself go to the Virgin Megastore and cry at the first sight of the cover! I really don't know what to expect! I'm so excited ... and I just can't hide it . Anyway, the following day, I'll have my first philosophy test ... I think I will mess that one up b/c of KT, but I don't give damn! God, she's a genius!

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{FRIDAY JUN. 17TH 2005}
{Miss it}

I miss being on the computer for creative reasons! I haven't made a layout in centuries, and I hadn't update this blog for a long while too. There are many things on which I'd like to work, like Cate Blanchett, Java Junkies, or more recently Wendy and this guy (what's his name ?) from Les Poupées Russes.

Yesterday was my sister's 18th b-day (happy b-day!) so to celebrate we went to ... the rollerblade ramp! At the end of our street! Just the two of us! At 10 PM! She has to have enjoyed it! What a great b-day! These events (Xmas, New Year's Eve and the like) are really rarely a big thing in our family, and it's getting worse and worse! But it doesn't surprise me anymore ... you get used to it! Pretty sad, isn't ? look, pictures to cheer you up now !

my sis is the one who's not cold

And tonight, I'm not sure it was for the birthday, but her best friend came over (she actually left half an hour ago) and we ordered pizza (one with ananas for me ... weird, i LOVE it!) and ate what was left from yesterday's chocolate cake (and that means a pretty big part). I assume it was a way of celebrating her b-day cause we all ate too much!! Nothing fancy you notice, but fun nevertheless because the parents & little bro weren't there due to the party his football club was having. And that can only result in a nice evening! (i don't care if it doesn't mean anything, it sounded good!)

I'm in the middle of my french exam period. I did the written part a week ago (was OK) and my oral test is in 7 days ... I should be studying it like a mad girl... I really want to perform but I just can't put myself to work. My mind's been on holiday since school's stopped, i.e. since June 2nd. Hope i'll begin to work on it tomorrow but nothing is less certain because I've been thinking that way for a week now, and still haven't looked at my sheets (actually I did: I had to today while piling them up according to the group they belonged to : biography, theater, poetry, or how to persuade/the Enlightement... tiring you said it!).

I totally fell for the Volcom cabbie caps : which one do you like best? tell me ! 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 ? I need to get myself one of these, but that's gonna be hard since there's no official retailer in Europe! I could order it on the Internet but the shipping fees ... need to think about it. keep you posted.

I began to read this british book (because let's face it, reading one of my french books for school would be too useful right now!) that I bought last week. It's not great, but not too bad, bearable then I guess. Yep.

There are too many things that I have to achieve or just begin this summer : take (and pass) the highway code, learn to play the guitar (alone with my book ... and my guitar), do some yoga, update my websites, learn how to make a website (the real, organised way I mean), finally manage to read Mrs Dalloway entirely!, send emails to Starr, Lorraine, Vanessa, Cary and many others, check the architecture schools I'd like to get into after I graduate next year, write my english essays (ya! our english teacher gave us homework!), pass my french tests successfully (hum), go on holidays ... oh, speaking of which ! This is how it will happen (I thought it needed to be listed but actually, there are only two items ...oh, well) :
- from July 10th to July 24th --> going to a camping site in the south of France with Momo's parents. I'll be with her when we'll get our french exam results ! I'm excited at the thought! ... oh! Something to add to the previous list : find Momo a present for her b-day. That will also happen during our escapade! I'd better find something great!
- somewhere during August probably, I'm gonna spend a week in Oxford at my bro's place with Sonia (my sister). I'm also looking forward to this because, well, I love to speak english and to be surrounded by it all the time is a real pleasure ... even with the british accent!

I didn't plan to write so much, but when it's been so long, once I started it's hard to stop me. I'm sure in a few minutes I'll be remembering things I could tell here, but no one really cares! Enjoy the summer!

PS: oh ya I want to decorate my room too. I want it to be styled and classy!

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{MONDAY FEB. 28TH 2005}

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I finished school at 11 today ... such news are always pleasant! So I thought, since it was Candlemas [Chandeleur] yesterday, why not making some crêpes? I hoped they'd be better than those for Sonia's comeback ... and they are! Here is a couple of pictures :

A few days ago, it snowed here ... it was pretty cool, though always late for Christmas! But we had fun, at the school break, there was this giant snowballs fight ... basically, we would just shoot anyone in sight... it felt like kindergarten again, and it was great. hope to get those opportunities again in the future ...

I used not to like Tori Amos, because I thought she was popular among young people like Muse is, and I thought her style was alternative rock kinda. I had never heard one of her songs, but I read more and more about her sounding a bit like Kate Bush, so I decided to listen to it [Scarlet's Walk]. I must admit I've been nicely surprised. Not what I expected, not that kind of rock. Not as good as I expected either:i thought she'd be more experimental in her music, since KB fans listen to her. But I like it. I may buy one of her oldest albums (Boys for Pele or Little Earthquakes); they're said to be the best...

I'm trying to be creative, but it's not very efficient lately ... I've began to build my radioblog again... I hope i'll be done soon, but it's not really off to a good start, since I don't dedicate much time to it. I also had in mind to make a picture website, where i'd put all my travel shots and to rebuild my website about Julianna in english. But that's a big amount of work and with the free time I (don't) get these days it's becoming impossible, even with Nath's help [very precious still] But with the holidays coming up, I really hope i'll be working on that. it doesn't seem like i'm gonna have lots of homework, so i'm pretty positive about it. (is it me or do I only write right before&after every holiday?)

For those interested in knowing how my trip to Scotland went ... well, good. A little disappointed because I didn't get to eat any Scot specialties : it was sandwiches at every lunch, and soup and ordinary meal for dinner. We spent two nights on the ferry, and the restaurant was a Quatre Saisons [Four Seasons] ... pretty impressive, and of course delicious! The house we stayed in in Penicuik was ok, i guess... a bed and 3 meals a day. The basic thang. Actually, the last day, the woman wanted to please us (i think!) and she bought three muffins... thank god I always read the labels cause those had been past the sell-by-date for a month ! The visits weren't too boring, I particularly enjoyed myself at the Transport Museum (I love old trains!). We had a lot of free time to shop too ... unfotunately interesting shops were really hard to find! I just bought myself a wooly cap, and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Everyone loves it (the pompon) ; it was worth the £10 [15€/19$). Well, I think I've said enough useless stuff for today. Tomorrow school begins at 10 ... life's wonderful !

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{TUESDAY JAN. 18TH 2005}

to Scotland

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{I'm alive ...}

... and just like Starr, I am a Christmas Junkie !!! I had decorated a wonderful christmas tree (well only one side of it, but who cares? the other side's facing the wall!) but my dog plays around it, and everybody bumps into it and everything ... so I highly doubt that you'll be able to see it in all its glory, Sonia !! I'm pretty mad about that... I spent an entire afternoon doing it and now it's ruined ... I can't even take a picture of it, cause our webcam/camera sucks ... but I love Christmas!

BTW, Sonia, do you want me to make you a cheesecake when you are back in Dunkirk or you don't care ?

That's it. Didn't really mean to post anything. Just didn't have homeworks to do (YAY) but


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{various stuff}

Always nice to receive packages from Switzerland !

Candiiiiiiies !!

Once again, thank you sooo much Nathalie!! It was very generous of you!! I really do hope, I'll manage to copy everything and send it back to you during the coming holidays ... If I don't do it then, I won't probably ever !!

Today, I made a chocolate cake, with a recipe I found on the Internet (there are so many things out there!) . It looks less chocolated than mum's usual cake, but I actually used more black chocolate ?! I haven't tasted it yet (making it kinda disgusted me), and I'm sure mom won't like it, coz it's not chocolated enough !! I'm not really good when it comes to chocolate, not really fond of that ... here it is !

I also made some custard coz I remembered Dorian saying he liked it. BTW, he just came back, and he's already got on my nerves ... I feel like throwing the cream away!

Pictures are too big, aren't they ? ... grr

And well, as planned here are the (very!!) crappy photographs from our little time at the ice rink

This is Agathe ... That's me & Elise, dancing From left to right : me, Elise and Agathe
Well, you can recognize us now! those little slippery chairs are very fun!! Doing the 'queue-leu-leu'

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{SUNDAY OCT. 17H 2004}
{domain name}

I plan to buy a domain before Christmas, but I'm not really inspired to find an original & exotic name, so if you have any idea, just post in the comments! THANKS!

This morning I went to the ice rink with Agathe, Alex & Elise. It was really fun! None of us had skated in a while and at first we just couldn't let go of the guardrail.Then Agathe did (she's really good... she evens knows how to stop without bumping into the low wall!) , then I did too (those figure skating lessons when I was small were not that useless after all!) then Alex did ...ugh, tried (he fell down 3 times!) and Elise, well, she never really left the guardrail!! LOL. Crappy pictures taken with Alex's mobile phone should be online soon. After that, Agathe and I went to the Salon de l'Habitat, but nothing interesting there (only 2 house models...) and we decided totally out of the blue that we would have lunch together, and we had like 12€ to do so!! Of course, most restaurants were too expensive for us (we were on the beach, so no McDonald's). We ended up eating a sandwich for me, and wings for her, with fries... outside!! And the weather was winter-like! Very windy; thank god it didn't rain. And finally, to end such a great lunch, we hoped we had enough money to have one drink and one crêpe to share together... and we did !! A real king's treat this meal !

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{egg, milk and bread}

First attempt at making French toast (=pain perdu) two days ago, in the morning and I did pretty well.


It tasted better than it looks! But I won't eat that every morning, it's the kind of meal I get bored with too easily.

I didn't plan my blog to be so fond of cooking, it happened spontaneously, and I must say I like it.

Holidays are in 8 days!! Yay! That's great except that ... we've been cheated, we only have 10 days off!! It's not fair, we should get 2 weeks, as usual!! As if it wasn't enough, they're gonna remove the Pentecote Monday (lundi de pentecote koi!). And then there's the downloading issue in France, grrr... I think I'm gonna move my computer to Belgium ! Sometimes I hate France! But when you think we're statistically the best audience ... :-))

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ThiS WaS JuSt GrEaT

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By Sonia's demand, I'm gonna show you my bandage ... I admit, it's the least interesting thing I have ever posted !! And I noticed, that you guys don't really like it when I post too many pictures !

Whoa !!

Let's move on to another subject ... not a new one though, coz it's about my cheesecakes !! Yay ! Anyway, the first one wasn't great, coz Ricotta (which is a cheese!) was missing ! So I made another cheesecake (with everthing it takes!) and it was really, really good ... but not as yummy as the one I hate in SF !! (BTW sonia, in SF you can find The Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy's on Union Square. Delphin and I wanted to go there, but we got lost in the shop!! I think it's quite expensive though ... the one time I ate a cheesecake while in the US was in a restaurant on the bay [we used the boat to go] so I highly doubt you'll be able to get there!) But I'm getting better (as Mon would put it "I don't get older ... I just get better!") ... Daddy even ate some, and said it was delicious ! I'm a master at making cakes!

I spent 3 hours and a half on that one (I even had 2 blisters because of it!) ,1 hour of baking included and it was worth it. But I'm still not satisfied. I found the recipe of Chandler's cheesecakes (remember the ones he stole?) and I'm gonna try it, but not right now coz I'm tired of grinding graham crackers. It's really exhausting!! So probably during the holiday ! Keep you updated ;-)

Just wanted to say to everyone who's waiting for an answer from me (Starr, Lorraine, Vanessa...), that I didn't forget them, just that I'm extremely busy!! I shouldn't be here at all. My real french teacher arrived on Monday (I had a substitute teacher before that) and she wants to make up for lost time, so we already had a textual analysis (and we've corrected it), we've been given another one for next Monday and we also have a 2/3-page-commentary on a poem to write for Thursday. That's why I shouldn't be here, I haven't even begun my french homeworks! ... But since today is a special day I couldn't not write!

'Why is it a special day??' you're wondering ... Because, I'm gonna see THE CORRS LIVE tonight in Douai ! Yippeeeeeeeee !! I can't believe it, it's gonna be lots of fun ... I can't wait !! I leave you with this cute, tiny picture! (that has nothing to do with The Corrs!)


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Yayyy !! My webcam is back !! So here are the pictures of my mother's cheesecake :

Don't feel sorry, it was good !! lol plus, in the evening I got to taste the cookies I had made (well, I knead the mixture!) and they were absolutely delicious ! Usually, I don't like it, but this time ... Yum !!

My pinkie's blue ! (I hurt it during a handball game)

Oh, one last thing which is absolutely exquisite (thanks Momo for the pic) : the FOIE GRAS

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{SUNDAY SEPT. 26TH 2004}

Sorry for the lack of updates, just don't have anything interesting to tell ... except that i've been doing some funny quiz lately, that I think you could enjoy doing too ... here are some :

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
MomMeryl Streep
DadJohnny Depp
BrotherJason Biggs
SisterCameron Diaz
DogRin tin tin
BoyfriendHughe Grant
Best friendDrew Barrymore
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What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
Your real name
Your sex
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Your last words will be..."MMMM MORE FOOD!"
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What will your kids be named? by failed_x_senses
Sons middle nameJames
Daughters middle nameMary
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Oh, and also, my mother just made a cheesecake, and I'm gonna taste it at 4PM ... I can't wait, but at the same time, it's a little too brown to me, and we couldn't find ricotta in supermarkets ... so I really don't know what to expect!! The taste will definitely be a surprise! (pictures available when my webcam is working again!) I'll tell you what I thought of it !! If I don't forget ...

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Tomorrow is the online "the Shania Twain Forums" quizz, I'm so excited !!
I promise I will write a more interesting and longer post very soon !!

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Hi everyone !
I know I haven't written a thing since the end of the summer vacation, but I've been really busy with stuff ... and lazy too, I admitt! Anyway, I coming back with this new layout, which was actually created a long long time ago ... like 4 or 5 months ago, but I never found the time to upload it until today! Let me know what you think of it !!

Thank you to Josephine who let me feature her scans in the layout ... it is optimized for resolution 1024*768, BTW.

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